Club 252

Galion Alliance Church Children’s Ministry

on March 25, 2007

We at Galion Alliance Church believe all children are a gift from God. As such, we want to disciple and shepherd those God puts in our care as well as their families. Our desire is to work alongside the parents; encouraging them in the task of Godly parenting, teaching God’s Word & principles when the children are with us during the church hours, and working together with the family to raise a generation of soldiers ready to fight spiritual battles & glorify God with the victory. This website is one way to improve the communication between the home & church so as to make it easier to work as a team to this end.


One response to “Galion Alliance Church Children’s Ministry

  1. Philip A says:

    You GO, girl!
    We have the tools at hand so why not use them?
    I commend you for you efforts and for the love you pour into our kids.
    ps kudos to your brother on the church’s website – I’ve looked at a couple others and ours outshines them (am I proud? – nah, just thankful for the work Luke and Pastor and others I don’t know about put into it)

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