Club 252

Festival of Redemption

on April 1, 2007

This morning, we had a Jews for Jesus missionary speak in service on Christ in the Passover. Did I tell you I love this time of year? Anyway, the kids & I have been going over the Passover for the last three weeks in preparation. Here’s an outline – skeletal notes…

The Passover is an object lesson God gave us of His Son’s death, resurrection, & second coming. The hero of the Passover for Jews is Moses; for Christians is now Jesus. The Passover meal is geared to the children (four questions, etc.). God commanded His people to celebrate it every year to remember – pass it on to the next generation. Pass on what? That God is faithful, powerful, and redeems us. It is not an accident that this celebration coincides with Resurrection Sunday. It is all one story – His story! Both Communion & Passover are done in rememberance of what God has done.


Leven – Get all leven out of house – get rid of sin. Leven puffs up the bread. Pride is sin & puffs us up. (1 Corinthians 5:7)

Matzah – stripes & holes on it = Jesus had stripes on His back & holes in His hands & feet. It is made without leven just as Christ was without sin.

Afikomen – the middle piece of matzah taken & broken (the one Jesus used when He said, “This is My Body broken for you…”), wrapped in a white cloth & hidden. Later, the children look for this & the one who finds it is rewarded. Then the afikomen is broken into olive sized pieces & each take & eat with the third cup of wine (as Jesus did in the Last Supper).

Haroseth – apples, etc. = mortar the Israelites used in Egypt to make Pharoah’s bricks.

Parsley – like the branches to dip in lamb’s blood on first Passover.

Dip in salt water – reminds us of all the tears in Egypt when slaves. A life without redemption is a life with sorrow.

Egg – spring, new life. Jesus brings us new life!!

Bone – reminds us of the lamb that had to die. The LAMB is GONE! Jesus is the Lamb. He died for our sins. We don’t have to kill lambs for sacrifice anymore!

Bitter Herbs – Horseradish – reminds us of the bitterness of slavery. We are slaves to sin without Jesus.

Glass of wine – 4 drinks. Jesus did this at the Last Supper.
(Luke 22:19,20) Cup 1= sanctification, 2= cup of judgements/ plagues, 3= redemption (the one at communion), & 4= praise (cup of “Halleh” as in Hallelujah)

Lean on pillows – now we are FREE, can sit comfortably, not slaves anymore, in Egypt or to sin! (Jesus & John at the Last Supper)

Open door for Elijah to come – Elijah announces the Messiah has come. Some are sadly still waiting. But Jesus has come & He is the Savior, Messiah!! We await His second coming, yet.


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