Club 252

Shepherding Children’s Hearts

Last night was the start of a new year in Club at church. The kids were excited. Can I just say I love Club? We are a discipleship time for the kids, but I get so much out of expressing & organizing my thoughts for it. This year we are talking about sheep. Being that Australia has more sheep than people, we are going Down Unda! I’m trying to pull off a bit of a Crocodile Hunta accent, but going sparingly there due to lack of ability!

Have you ever thought about how much the Bible talks about sheep? Sheep are ALL OVER the Bible from the very first chapters in Genesis (when God made clothes for Adam & Eve due to their sin) to Revelation (when we all gather around the Throne & sing “Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain…!!!”). I just get so excited when I see the over-arching Plan in Scripture. God’s pictures are so awesome!


In learning about the Good Shepherd this year, all our ABC verses are words from Jesus. We are also looking at a few of the “I Ams” Jesus said. He gave us so many pictures to show us Who He was: I AM… the bread of life, the way, truth & life, the living water, the vine, the door, etc. And the ultimate… “I Am that I Am.” (Technically it wasn’t Jesus Who said that one, but God the Father did.) Notice, Jesus also replied to those arresting Him in the garden, “I Am” to which they responded by falling back. If you don’t know what “I Am” means, that is a pretty strange reaction. But when you realize what He was saying with this reply, it gives you goosebumps! Two little words packed with meaning. I want the kids to get a feel for Who our Jesus is this year.

The three basic goals of discipleship: to love God, follow Him, & worship Him. That’s what I want to pass on to the children. 1) That Jesus LOVES them! He’s not some far away God – He came to be among us! Eternity has broken into life!! That’s awesome! He is our Good Shepherd & we are His dear lambs. “We are the people of His pasture & the sheep of His hand.” 2) We are to follow Him – know His voice, trust Him. But our natural inclination is to go our own way – we’re stupid sheep. We tend to follow the sheep right in front of us without thought to where they are headed! So, we have to DAILY put our eyes back on Jesus so we don’t get distracted & lost. 3) And lastly, we were MADE to worship Him. This includes praising Him in song, etc. as well as working for & serving Him in our daily life. For this part, we are going to the Psalms, written by a shepherd turned king, who was known as “a man after God’s own heart”. When you find out what your spiritual gift is (every Christian gets one, ya know) & then get to put it to use, ministry gets fun!!

That pretty much covers it. As a teacher & mother, instead of giving the kids a list of “This is what you DO…”, my goal is to teach them “This is how you relate to God!!” What could be more thrilling than that?! I love my job!!

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Round Up 2007


Last night we successfully ended our Summer VBS program with a Round Up complete with the gang (Slim & Triple T – although we missed Shorty & Sheriff G.R. Ace) & ending with cake & ice cream.

Highlights include: watching the little ones with their pom-poms for cheering Mom & Dad, the punk rock hair & guitars on the Tell the Truth song, & the four soloists on Be True to Your Mate, Mate! The whole posse did a great job. Several grandparents & visitors were there to join in the celebration. Next performance: Harvest Party in October & probable date to be announced for taking it to the nursing home.

Pictures will be posted as soon as I get them. Stay tuned!

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