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Blind Leading the Blind

on January 31, 2008

Tonight was very good in spite of everything. It was one of those nights where everything just flowed! I could tell Keith was praying for me.

First of all, we’ve had bad news lately. The other day, we were told Scott‘s brain cancer is growing again in the spot where doctors removed the first growth. He has to decide which treatment to go with – chemo, which would wipe him out just as he’s starting to get back to school & church work again – surgery, again! – or radiation, which would entail a half day strapped down & zapped. He said the kids (he heads up the Sunday morning kids club) laid hands & prayed for/with him Sunday & it was about the best time of prayer he’d had. Pray for the family, Scott, the kids in the group.

Then tonight we heard that Kevin‘s cancer has returned. Both kinds. And they’re aggressive. My heart breaks for him, the family, all of us. When one hurts, we all hurt with them. There has been a day of prayer & fasting called for the church tomorrow. Which leads me to tonight. Sounds like it would’ve been a downer, but we had a wonderful time of teaching & prayer. I challenged the kids to join in on a fast of some kind, or wear a dot, etc. as a reminder to pray. We talked about various kinds of fasts they might be able to do: water to drink only, not milk, juice, etc., no dessert, no fruit? etc. The other idea was to wear a bracelet to remind them to pray throughout the day, or put a dot in a few places around the house where they’d see it & remember to pray, or put their watch on the opposite wrist it is normally on as a reminder to pray, etc. The kids got excited about the fact that they are in on this whole prayer thing, too. I’m glad to help them see how important they are in the Body even now. Hopefully tonight they are talking with their parents about possibilities for their own prayer reminders tomorrow.

We sang a song about today being the day the Lord has made. How can you rejoice in a day where terrible news/things happen? We talked about rejoicing not always being a big happy smile, but sometimes a painful tear, but with a trust that God made this day & He has a plan for it. We can rejoice that our God is in charge & trustworthy in it all. Then we learned a new song about Psalm 1. We are to be like a tree, planted by the water, trusting in the Father to keep us strong & help us grow. The tree can stand tall even in the worst night storm, why? It is planted by the water with it’s roots growing deep & can bear fruit in all seasons (love, joy, peace, patience, etc.)

Then our story was on Bartameus, the blind man, healed by Jesus. We talked about his darkness, not only because he was blind, but also because he was born in sin just like all of us. Jesus is the Light of the world. He came to bring His Light to a dark, blind world. We finished singing one of my favorite Donut Man songs that I haven’t had the opportunity to share with the kids yet, “Blind Leading the Blind”. We talked about how without Christ, we are blind & groping around in the darkness of sin, sure to fall into the holes of sin & then have to deal with the consequences. We talked about some of the sinful pits people find themselves in when they walk in darkness. Then we talked about our M verse (the verse we are on for this week), “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” We compared following our Good Shepherd vs. following the blind we see around us on TV or in our classrooms/neighborhoods. A wise person follows the Light while the foolish follow after blind people & end up in the hole right with the blind! They got it!! Even the five year olds stayed with me on it. If you get a chance to hear Donut Man’s song, it is a good one for teaching the kids this very important lesson. He is so good at writing fun songs with the lessons no one else is writing about…

Oh, the blind are leading the blind
With an Uh, uh, oh!! Tell me what they’ll find?
Fall in a hole, that’s right they’ll fall in a hole!
That’s what you’ll find, when the blind are leading the blind!

If you turn away from Christ, you are blinded without sight.
You will never know His ways
If you don’t know what the Bible says!

There are people you will find who to the ways of God are blind.
Do not follow them or you might fall down with them, too!

When I hear the words you say it tells me if you know the way.
Can you show God’s love to me? Are you blind or do you see?

Oh, the blind are leading the blind
With an Uh, uh, oh!! Tell me what they’ll find?
Fall in a hole, that’s right they’ll fall in a hole!
That’s what you’ll find, when the blind are leading the blind!


One response to “Blind Leading the Blind

  1. Judy Keresoma says:

    I have been looking for the song: I want to be like a tree, planted by the water, trusting in the Father, to help me grow… Do you know where I can find the words, music, and/or both. Thank you so much!

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