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Love this link! I’ve never seen thoughts & reasons for children being in worship service with their family written out & so completely/practically. She has written out what my parents taught me & what we are doing with our children so well, down to the note-taking & check marks next to certain words! How did she do that? Thank you, Noel, for sharing.

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Coming Fall of ’08 – Science & Fruit!

Well, I’m getting pumped up about next year’s Club curriculum. I know, if you’re not a teacher at heart, it won’t make any sense. Just like the feeling of satisfaction & anticipation I have when making out weekly lesson plans, or the thrill that comes at the smell of a fresh box of crayons & brand spankin’ new school supplies. We’re an interesting breed, we teachers.

Anyway, next year’s topic will be the Fruit of the Spirit (highlight one each month) & it seems increasingly clear I need to go with a science theme. This year’s theme has had good discussions & lessons (sheep), but I knew the theme would be weak (Australia) because I didn’t have a “uniform” to put on each week to get the kids excited & focused. I mean, I could’ve dressed up like Crocodile Hunter, but I’m not good at pulling that one off. Plus, for awards, we’ve been using the Aussie hats for pins which I knew would be a bit distracting, but good for a change. Plus, that gave them some kind of “uniform”/costume each week. The one thing I need is a “catchphrase” like, for the military theme, we had B.O.O.T. Camp (Biblical Outlook & Outreach Training) & for the ten commandments, we had a cowboy theme with “It’s the Law, Pardner!” This year, we didn’t have that & it makes a big difference. Any ideas on how to hook science & the fruit of the Spirit together? It took us a month, but that cowboy theme came & was a good one. Here’s hoping a science one pops up soon. Nate suggested something to do ith the periodic table or a formula, like HS = L + J + P, etc. Maybe something could be done with that idea.

For the science year, Mom gave me three Bible object lesson science experiment books that look great! There are two guys in our church who I need to get these to & ask if they’d be willing to work up an experiment for us as a “mad scientist” guest each month. Anyone have ideas on names for these guys? When we did the cowboy theme, they were “Slim” & “Shorty”. _____ _______ the Science Guy or Dr. __________?

The kids have been getting SO much better at taking sermon notes each week! I love it. I need to find someone who’d be excited to take that on as a ministry – to jot notes of encouragement to those who took notes each week, & buy nice stickers & comment diligently. I have been increasingly swamped in this area & not getting the notes of encouragement written as consistently as I’d like. Instead of the 8 cent spirals we’ve been using to get us started down this note-taking road, I want to issue each child a “Lab Book” next year – one of those half size three ring binders – so we can just hole punch the notes & stick them in each week with the other Club stuff. Maybe have tabs – I know I loved those colored tabs as a kid! – to organize their notebooks. I need an anachronism for these books, like “Learning About B_______” or something. Ideas?

The teachers are each going to have lab coats to wear in class & the awards I’m thinking will go on canvas book bags where they can put their Bibles & notebooks & verses to keep. Award pins are becoming increasingly easier to come by. Oriental Trading has star pins with ribbons that look cool & there are crosses with jewels on them. I’m looking into those “Croc” pins the kids put on their shoes? Never actually seen one close up. I wonder if those could be used as rewards & stuck on canvas bags? I’m thinking of revamping the award booklet, too for next year & just handing out monthly “lab experiments” or some such thing. Basically do the same award system, but instead of giving them all the award options in a booklet at the beginning of the year, give them one or two they could work on a month as a group. They are getting the idea with the booklets now, but it has taken them half a year to really look at the thing & start working on awards – too overwhelming?

We need ideas on verse packets. The leather wallets we used this year were great! The key rings last year were convenient (the kids always brought them because they were hooked on to their bags) but became horribly tattered by the end of the year. Any ideas on verse packets that tie in with science? It doesn’t have to, but whenever you can, it makes it fun.

For most of you, I realize this is a totally boring post, but I’m throwing it out there because this is what’s on my mind a lot lately & will continue to be until summer when the baby takes center stage. If you have any brilliant ideas that you could toss in to the pot, please do so! I hope to have this all wrapped up & ready to hand to teachers by June.

Any of you doing Group’s VBS this summer might have some great suggestions you come across. Looking forward to seeing the summer’s Power Lab play out.


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