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I love writing curriculum – organizing what God’s teaching me into lessons to share with the kids on Wednesday nights. Plus, when I work ahead, I can have a team work with me & share/implement ideas. Anyway, this next year, I will be a bit of a “Johnny nine note” – it’s already started. Everywhere I look I see the Fruit of the Spirit. It was that way last year with sheep, though, & the year before with military & spiritual warfare.

This week, I am trying to get the definitions down so the kids (& I) can have them firmly in our minds throughout the year. This is yet another bonus to working with kids. If it’s boiled down to where a child gets it, the adults will most likely be able to as well.:) The Fruit of the Spirit is a lifelong project for me, so the sooner I can boil it down for frequent meditation the better. I want this stuff sunk way down deep in my heart, and the kids’.

Here’s what I’ve got for definitions so far. I share this so if you all have ideas, changes, input, please comment!

Love – (vs. selfishness) “Giving to others without worrying about what I get out of it.”
Joy – (vs. self-pity) “The automatic enthusiasm of my spirit when I am in fellowship with God.”
Peace -(vs. anxiety) “Building my life around that which is eternal & can’t be destroyed or taken away.”
Patience – (vs. intolerant) “Accepting a difficult situation as from God without giving a deadline to remove it.”
Kindness – (vs. indifference) “Investing whatever is necessary to help those in need.”
Goodness – (vs. impurity or hypocrisy) “Eagerly doing what is right, even when no one is looking.”
Faithfulness – (vs. unreliability) “Confidence that God always keeps His promises & being dependable like He is.”
Gentleness – (vs. harshness) “Quietly putting God’s love into action.”
Self-Control – (vs. self-indulgence) “Rejecting my own desires & doing what is right.”

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Tabernacle Unit

We’ve been studying the Tabernacle the last few weeks & next few weeks. Here are some pictures of the model made by a wonderful man who is now with the Lord…

The one door to enter – reminds us of Jesus Who is the only Door to God. They had to bring a sacrifice to enter. Jesus paid the debt for us.

An “Ephod”

The contents in the Ark of the Covenant: an omar of manna, Aaron’s budding staff, & the tablets with the Ten Commandments on them.

Our model Ark

The Alter of Incense and the Curtain to the Holy of Holies

Inside the Holy Place

The layers of coverings

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