Club 252

Can You Find the List?

We’re starting our Power Lab Club this week on Wednesday nights & I am so ready to get this party started! One of the new things we’ll be doing is “easter eggs” on this site to get kids & families used to getting on here to check out the resources & information available. So, that being said, this month I’ll make it easy.

To earn a Lab Award in the month of September, simply find the link called “Character Crew” on this page (hint: it’s under Great Sites for Families over there on the right), click it, and write the list of character traits (there are nine of them) found in the green box on that site. Have your parents help you – even better!! Slip me the list & you will get credit for one award coin – it’s that simple! You must personally have gotten on that site, though. I want you all to see what Focus on the Family has done there – neat stuff!

Have fun & looking forward to getting this year off & running!!
Waiting for your lists, Mrs. W

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