Club 252

Instant Snow

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” – Isaiah 1:18

For a little Christmas treat, your child was given a test tube of instant snow. If you’ve never seen this product, here are a couple videos to see how it works…

You can keep it in a tupperware container to play with all winter. It can be put in the freezer & will even feel like real snow!

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(vs. restlessness)
“Accepting a difficult situation
without giving a deadline to remove it”


This month we are highlighting the fruit of Patience, the perfect one for the children to practice with the Christmas season upon us. One of their special assignments this month is to NOT ask about the presents at all. Show patience in this area & they can earn a token for the Lab Awards Center.

The animal in nature which displays patience we talked about is the monarch butterfly. It has to have patience in several ways in its life”: while it’s growing, while it’s struggling to shed it’s skin, while it’s in its chrysalis, while it gets used to its new body, and while it flies across the Gulf of Mexico to get to its destination in Mexico. For studying what the Bible says about patience as well as getting more info on the monarch (at the bottom of the page), click here.


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Memorizing James 1:2-5

To help the kids memorize the Patience verse this month, I made out a stack of cards for us to use in Club. Each one has a key word & picture for them to remember. Here are the words & an explanation of the pictures beside each word. Ask your child (or help him/her) to review by drawing their own pictures in order. See how far they can get.

“Finally, my brethren” – brethren (two stick boys, brothers)
“Count it” – count (numbers, 2 + 2 =)
“All joy” – joy (smiley face)
“When you fall” – fall (stick person with legs & arms in air & arrow squiggling downward)
“Into various trials” – trials (sad face)
“Knowing” – knowing (simple face with an arrow to the brain)
“That the testing” – testing (rectangle with question marks on it to symbolize a test paper)
“Of your faith” – faith (cross)
“Produces patience” – patience ( a simple drawing of a wristwatch)
“BUT” – stick your finger up in the air to remember you’re halfway through the section
“Let patience” – patience (watch again)
“Have it’s perfect work” – perfect work (100% & A+)
“That you may be perfect” – perfect (100% & A+)
“And complete” – complete (stick person with rays all around it like sunshine)
“Lacking nothing.” – nothing (a zero with a line through it)
“If any of you lacks wisdom” – wisdom (primative picture of Solomon with a beard & crown)
“Let him ask of God” – ask God (praying hands)
“Who gives to all” – gives to all ( cloud with several arrows coming down & pointing to gift boxes)
“Liberally” – liberally (left this one blank & explained that the last picture shows many gifts) NOTE:One kid gave me a big smile & said his dad would not want him to memorize this verse because of this word. Can you tell the bent of our church?:)
“And without reproach” – without reproach (frowny face with angry eyes & then crossed out)
“And it will be given to him.” – given (big gift box with a bow on top)

There you have it. Try it in your home & see what games you can make out of it. Maybe use only the pictures (especially if you have non-readers at your house) & shuffle them up to then put in the right order. What other games can you think of?

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