Club 252

Memorizing James 1:2-5

on December 4, 2008

To help the kids memorize the Patience verse this month, I made out a stack of cards for us to use in Club. Each one has a key word & picture for them to remember. Here are the words & an explanation of the pictures beside each word. Ask your child (or help him/her) to review by drawing their own pictures in order. See how far they can get.

“Finally, my brethren” – brethren (two stick boys, brothers)
“Count it” – count (numbers, 2 + 2 =)
“All joy” – joy (smiley face)
“When you fall” – fall (stick person with legs & arms in air & arrow squiggling downward)
“Into various trials” – trials (sad face)
“Knowing” – knowing (simple face with an arrow to the brain)
“That the testing” – testing (rectangle with question marks on it to symbolize a test paper)
“Of your faith” – faith (cross)
“Produces patience” – patience ( a simple drawing of a wristwatch)
“BUT” – stick your finger up in the air to remember you’re halfway through the section
“Let patience” – patience (watch again)
“Have it’s perfect work” – perfect work (100% & A+)
“That you may be perfect” – perfect (100% & A+)
“And complete” – complete (stick person with rays all around it like sunshine)
“Lacking nothing.” – nothing (a zero with a line through it)
“If any of you lacks wisdom” – wisdom (primative picture of Solomon with a beard & crown)
“Let him ask of God” – ask God (praying hands)
“Who gives to all” – gives to all ( cloud with several arrows coming down & pointing to gift boxes)
“Liberally” – liberally (left this one blank & explained that the last picture shows many gifts) NOTE:One kid gave me a big smile & said his dad would not want him to memorize this verse because of this word. Can you tell the bent of our church?:)
“And without reproach” – without reproach (frowny face with angry eyes & then crossed out)
“And it will be given to him.” – given (big gift box with a bow on top)

There you have it. Try it in your home & see what games you can make out of it. Maybe use only the pictures (especially if you have non-readers at your house) & shuffle them up to then put in the right order. What other games can you think of?


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