Club 252


on December 4, 2008

(vs. restlessness)
“Accepting a difficult situation
without giving a deadline to remove it”


This month we are highlighting the fruit of Patience, the perfect one for the children to practice with the Christmas season upon us. One of their special assignments this month is to NOT ask about the presents at all. Show patience in this area & they can earn a token for the Lab Awards Center.

The animal in nature which displays patience we talked about is the monarch butterfly. It has to have patience in several ways in its life”: while it’s growing, while it’s struggling to shed it’s skin, while it’s in its chrysalis, while it gets used to its new body, and while it flies across the Gulf of Mexico to get to its destination in Mexico. For studying what the Bible says about patience as well as getting more info on the monarch (at the bottom of the page), click here.



One response to “Patience

  1. […] far, we’ve talked about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, & goodness. For helps on the verses, go here for the love verse, here for joy, & […]

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