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Memorizing Ephesians 5:15-20

(NOTE: Those kids looking for this month’s challenge to receive a token, scroll down two posts.)

Our verse for Self-Control is Ephesians 5:15-20. We broke it down into bite size pieces & put some hand motions to it to make it easier to remember…

“See then” – Since Self-Control starts with a “see” or “c” & control starts with c, form the letter c with your hand to help remember how the verse starts.

“that you walk circumspectly” – let your fingers do the walking to remind you to walk…

“not as fools” – Point to your left.

“but as wise” – Point to your right (opposite direction of left/foolish).

“redeeming the time” – point to your imaginary watch.

“because the days are evil.” – We clap our hands at evil; no reason, just fun.

“Therefore” – hold up four fingers to remember four, & the transition to the next section of the verse. Note: two “un” words are coming up: unwise & understand.

“do not be unwise” – Wag your finger, no-no.

“but understand what the will of the Lord is.” – Point to your temple to remember to understand.

“And do not be drunk with wine” – Pretend like you’re drinking something & shake your head no.

“in which is dissipation” – That means foolishness. Put your finger in the air, like “ah-hah”.

“but be filled” – sweep your hands downward over your whole body to symbolize all of you.

“with the Spirit” – Point to the sky, the Lord.

Now this next verse has a song which is not well known, but I learned as a child. A few of the words have to be changed, but most is word for word Scripture…

Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to yourselves (just remember when quoting, not singing, it’s to one another, not yourselves.)
In Psalms and hymns
And spiritual so-o-o-ongs
Singing and making melody
In your hearts to the Lord.

Now it’s just one little last verse left. To remember what comes next, cup your hands & be ready to give something, like a fistful of Hershey kisses to your friend. “Giving”

“thanks” – Put both hands in the air & shake them in thanks to God.

“to God” – Point up with both hands.

“for all things” – make a circle with those two fingers that were just pointing up. Start at your heart & go out & around.

“to God the Father” – Point up again with both of those two fingers.

“in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” – Make a cross with those same two fingers in front of you.

DONE!! You got it! Now review often to lock that verse in your heart & mind so the Spirit can bring it to mind when He wants Easy, huh? That’s six more verses written on your heart. :]

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I love Joseph!! This month, for Self-Control, we’re talking about him as an example. He and Daniel both exhibit self-control & faithfulness so well, I had a hard time choosing which to use for each fruit.

Joseph could’ve given in to his natural desire to get bitter, angry, hateful, vengeful, etc. but he didn’t. He trusted & forgave! God was able to use him to save Israel during a famine & put him in the highest place of honor, save the Pharaoh himself, because of his wise choices to do the right thing no matter how he felt. This song brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I hear it – beautiful!…

May each one of us also trust God as Joseph did, reject our own desires, & do what’s right knowing He is watching even if no one else is.

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May Challenge

Sorry about making all you faithful web lookers wait for this assignment. Time just got away from me this month. Anyway, this month, I’d like you to find the five “I will”s, write them out & bring them in for a token.

Here’s where to find them…
Go to the second link under “Teacher Helps” ( look over there on the left, go down a ways, see it?) & click “Character Studies”. When you get to that site, use the search window at the bottom of the page to find “Self Control” & press go. That will take you to the page on Self-Control where you will find five “I will”s. The first one is “I will not act impulsively.” Can you write that out as well as the other four?

Take a look around that page & see what else you can learn about Self-Control. You’ll find clues to building SC, examples from the Bible, verses to help you apply SC at different times, etc. Great stuff! And when you’re done looking, don’t forget to write out those five “I will”s & bring them in for that token!


This week in Club, we’ll find out why the hibernating bear teaches us about Self-Control & helps us remember. See you then!

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