Club 252

May Challenge

on May 11, 2009

Sorry about making all you faithful web lookers wait for this assignment. Time just got away from me this month. Anyway, this month, I’d like you to find the five “I will”s, write them out & bring them in for a token.

Here’s where to find them…
Go to the second link under “Teacher Helps” ( look over there on the left, go down a ways, see it?) & click “Character Studies”. When you get to that site, use the search window at the bottom of the page to find “Self Control” & press go. That will take you to the page on Self-Control where you will find five “I will”s. The first one is “I will not act impulsively.” Can you write that out as well as the other four?

Take a look around that page & see what else you can learn about Self-Control. You’ll find clues to building SC, examples from the Bible, verses to help you apply SC at different times, etc. Great stuff! And when you’re done looking, don’t forget to write out those five “I will”s & bring them in for that token!


This week in Club, we’ll find out why the hibernating bear teaches us about Self-Control & helps us remember. See you then!


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