Club 252


on September 26, 2011

Here’s a cute rendition of the lost sheep for you…

I love the way they show that little sheep trot out of the pen to chase a butterfly. Isn’t that so like us? (Isaiah 53:6)

I am SO thankful for the Lord Jesus! This week, He has reminded me again & again of His grace & patience & love. Have you had a chance to remind your children this week?

Those bags of coins sent home last Wednesday are reminders. Send one in your child’s lunch bag or jacket pocket & tell them to remember how very much God loves him/her when they see it. He never leaves us even when we wander from Him. Even though we don’t deserve it. What grace!

Another idea for the coins is to play a few rounds of hide & go seek with them. Let them do the hiding once & you go look for them. Remind them again that just like the woman with the coin, the shepherd, and the father of the runaway son, God never gives up seeking & saving. That’s why He sent Jesus. (Luke 19:10) What a wonderful God we have! Thank Him together this week for His incomprehensible steadfast love that endures forever.



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