Club 252

Pit Stop Time

on November 13, 2011

This morning, we talked briefly about the need to make “pit stops”, a.k.a. attitude adjustments, periodically to stay running smoothly. I referenced the Cars clip where Lightning McQueen thinks he doesn’t need to make pit stops & ends up blowing his tires. Here’s the clip to see what I was talking about; specifically it starts at 5:25 & goes to 9:20…

This month, let’s remember to see the many, many people God has surrounded us with to make our lives full & rich & thank them. Yes, even that pesky neighbor &/or irritating relative. GOD put them there. So instead of getting upset with them, let’s thank God for them.

God wants to make us more like Him through that person or situation in our lives, but to get where He wants us to be, we gotta make pit stops. We can’t just speed through life & expect good results. That’s one reason we’re commanded to rest & refocus once a week. He knows what we need. (Remember, He made us.) Have a thankful week.



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