Club 252

All Wrapped Up

on November 30, 2011

I absolutely LOVE this month’s theme – “Wrapped Up”. What are you all wrapped up in? Gifts? The to do list? What are your kids wrapped up in? What are we as parents doing to guide them in this area? Are we moving as a family toward a lifestyle of generosity or a lifestyle of greed? Something to reflect upon this season, huh?

This month, we are being challenged to step back & get wrapped up in the right things – Jesus & others (vs. ourselves & things). Here are a few excellent quotes from the video below: Generosity is a reflection of God’s character. God generously gave His only Son so we could have a relationship with Him. Generosity changes us when we learn how to give the way God gives. We’re not generous because we’re rich, we’re rich because we’re generous!

On Wednesday nights in Club, we are going to be talking about how to worship, have a quiet time; getting wrapped up in Jesus. Can’t wait!! It’s going to be another great month of learning, growing, & sharing. Join us, will you?



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