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Self Control

Good stuff with Basics252 once again. Looking forward to focusing on Self Control in the month of January. Game on!

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What’s In the Bible?

Have you seen these yet? Phil Vischer started a new project to go completely through the Bible book by book & explain the big picture: God’s great plan of redemption. They are GREAT! It takes a few views to get used to all the characters, so don’t give up on the first viewing. They are created with elementary kids in mind, but littler ones will be interested in the puppets & adults will learn from them, I guarantee! Cuddle up next to your kids some time this Christmas Break & enjoy one of these DVDs with them; see what I mean. We’re watching #6 this morning & learning about the 2 kingdoms of Israel – fun Saturday morning watching/learning! My personal favorite is the Bentley Brothers, aka Rhett & Link. Jack wants his hair to be like Pastor Paul’s. You can even play a few games with the characters, too. Such cool stuff out these days!

Have you ever seen anyone explain the Cycle of Apostasy with puppets?? This stuff is great!!!

And he tackles some great questions in a wonderful way…

You’ll have to get DVD#2 to see the whole answer. : ]

The Club has the first six (there will be 13 total, but 6 are all he’s made so far). See me to borrow one of them (or return them). We’re passing them around the families so we can all enjoy! I also have 2 sets of the Seeds CDs we’ve been using to memorize our verses for your families to use, too. Take them home & learn with your kids. I am SO thankful people are out there using their talents & the technology available to help us teach our little ones, and I get to review/learn a fun way right along with them!

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