Club 252


Looking forward to focusing on HONOR for the month of February. To see the new challenge for the purple bead/belt, click “belts” up above (or here). There are a couple Clubbers who will be receiving the honor of the orange belt this week!! Great job, girls! Let’s see who can join them by the end of the month. Fulfill five challenges to receive your orange belt. Keep working on those challenges.

Here is Reggie Joiner sharing what we will be talking about in CrossTrainers this month. David is the central character. Once again, good stuff!

Highlighted quotes: “The basis of honor is seeing people the way God sees them.” “Honor notices those that aren’t being noticed.” “Honor is putting others ahead of yourself.” “We should not only honor those that God made, but also those that He put in charge.” “Honor shows respect to those who are in charge.” “Honor is ultimately based on how you view & respect God.”

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Praying for Asia

Thought I’d post a few pictures of the missionaries we talked about Wednesday night so the kids can see who we prayed for. Here are the friends with the restaurant…

and here’s the teacher…

And here is the missionary family in Japan our church supports, Don & Hazel Schaeffer…

We also prayed for our brothers & sisters in North Korea that are in chains. ” Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.” (Hebrews 13:3) For more information on the situation there & in China, watch these videos…


North Korea:

If you are interested in learning more &/or praying for these persecuted countries, go to Voice of the Martyrs & Open Doors. And for a children’s version if your children are interested, go to Kids of Courage.

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Water to Wine Idea To Do At Home…

Last night, we talked about how Jesus turned water to wine at the wedding in Cana. This was the first miracle Jesus did as He started His ministry. The disciples were new – hadn’t been following Jesus more than a few weeks probably. They had left EVERYTHING: the family business (James & John), their dishonest lifestyles (Matthew), their righteous lifestyles (Nathaniel), etc. But THIS was where Scripture says “Jesus revealed His glory. And His disciples believed Him.” (John 2:11)

As for our own children, right now they follow. Parents, teachers, etc. have told them about God’s glory, but most probably haven’t yet SEEN His glory. Let’s be praying together this week for our children to SEE His glory early on. “Grab their hearts early, Lord! Show Yourself to them in a personal way that they would NEVER think of walking anywhere but by Your sweet side all the days of their lives.”

As a fun review this weekend, here’s a little experiment you could do on Saturday or if we get a snow day this week. *fingers crossed!*

Gather these materials:

– shallow pan
– small bowl
– 1/4 cup liquid dish soap
– 1/2 cup vinegar
– 1 Tablespoon baking soda
– 1 cup water
– food coloring or a packet of red powered drink mix

1) Pour the dish soap & vinegar into the bowl & set it inside the shallow pan.

2) In a separate container, add the baking soda to the water & stir. Sprinkle some of the red drink mix into the water & soda until it turns red like wine.

3) Slowly pour the water mix into the soap & vinegar mix & watch as it erupts into a foaming red volcano!


The chemical reaction that made your cool red volcano was NOTHING compared to Jesus turning water to wine!

4) Use the red foam & a paintbrush to paint the words “Jesus can do anything!” on a sheet of paper.

5) Hang the paper up on the fridge to remind you of Jesus’ first miracle. Be looking for miracles He’s doing in & around YOU this week. Then come back to Club & share so we can ALL be encouraged!

* This family time experience idea was found in the Hands On Bible under John 2. I LOVE this Bible for great tie-in ideas. If your child doesn’t have a Bible they use regularly, you may want to check this one out. It is irresistible! You may find yourself looking at it with your child & getting excited about His Word. ; ]


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Controlled? By What?

This month, with self-control being our virtue, Orange has attached the game controller as THE object lesson. Have you noticed? I love the whole game theme. If we point it out with our kids, it could become a natural object lesson for our families multiple times a day. When you see the pause button on the controller, remember to pause when you feel anger start to build up. When you press the power button, remember the Holy Spirit Who gives us the power to control ourselves.

I pose a Challenge for us as families: every time anyone touches the TV or game controller, say the verse for this month. Can you say it? James 1:19 – “My dear brothers & sisters, pay attention to what I say. Everyone should be quick to listen. But slow to speak. Everyone should be slow to get angry.” Why not challenge your whole family: every time anyone touches a controller, they must say the verse out loud. This will give everyone an automatic way of reviewing and engrafting God’s Word into your heart as a family.

When Satan tempted Jesus, He overcame with verses that were locked into His heart. Do you have verses locked into your heart? That’s what we were talking about Wednesday night. We memorize, but we want to also meditate, engraft, lock verses in for life. Satan wants to literally kill you, your family, your kids. He wants to make sin attractive so we get lured into it. Your sin may start out looking innocent enough. Maybe we only hold bitterness against one person secretly. We just indulge in one off color show a week. Worry isn’t really a sin, is it?? We’re all pretty good at justifying ourselves (see Adam & Eve in Genesis 3:12 & 13). If we quench that twinge of guilt the Holy Spirit gives us over that, it’s easier to sin a little more. Before we know it, we’re trucking full steam ahead down the road to destruction if we don’t let the Holy Spirit pour self-control into us. We have to “do what we SHOULD do, not what we WANT to do,” even as adults. Instead of trusting our own opinions & thoughts, the wise person gets God’s perspective through daily feeding on God’s Word (Romans 12:2): read it, memorize it, meditate on it, engraft it, lock it in.

What are stumbling blocks in your life, areas you lack control over, things that Satan trips you up with over & over again? Maybe it’s losing your temper, or over eating, or secret lust, or gossiping, or not quite telling the truth. Whatever it is, take some time this month to search the Bible & find verses that fit just that situation. Write them out. I’ve typed mine out & put little pictures to them to cue me at times throughout the day. Post your list somewhere you have time to meditate on them; on the kitchen cupboards so you can think on them while doing dishes, or laminate them & put them by the bathroom mirror to study while you shave or do your hair in the morning. Whatever works!

Once we’re armed with the Word of God, we are then (& only then) equipped to fend off those attacks from Satan. That’s doing what you SHOULD do, not what you WANT to do. Let’s give our children a first-hand example of self-control this month. The Word of God & the Holy Spirit are the tools God gave us to successfully do this thing called self-control. Without it, we will be miserable & eventually destroyed – God knows that. So what’s controlling you?

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Make a Self-Controller

Need an idea to avoid having bored kids Monday, their day off of school? Here’s a fun craft idea to make over the long weekend. Make a self-controller. (Click on the pictures to get enlarged versions on of them.) We took pie boxes from McDonalds & stuffed them with plastic grocery bags to make them stiff. Then we wrapped them with foil like a present. The buttons we used are “Stop”, Pause”, “Power”, “Guide”, & “Select”. These remind us to STOP before reacting, PAUSE to ask God for His power, POWER to do the right thing comes from the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is our GUIDE, and we can SELECT the right reaction, words, etc. You can make one for each member of the family to have & personalize them with stickers (or small drawing & tape on) to remind of those areas they want to work on self-control with : money, food, frowny face, thought bubble, crazy face, eyeballs, a mouth, a tv, etc. Use creativity.

Be sure & get the Bible verse on there somewhere at least in part. Bring your family’s self-controller in to church this month. We want to see it! Did it help you remember to pause, stop, use the Holy Spirit’s power, did you select the right reaction because of it?? Share with us – we can encourage one another!


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