Club 252

Make a Self-Controller

on January 14, 2012

Need an idea to avoid having bored kids Monday, their day off of school? Here’s a fun craft idea to make over the long weekend. Make a self-controller. (Click on the pictures to get enlarged versions on of them.) We took pie boxes from McDonalds & stuffed them with plastic grocery bags to make them stiff. Then we wrapped them with foil like a present. The buttons we used are “Stop”, Pause”, “Power”, “Guide”, & “Select”. These remind us to STOP before reacting, PAUSE to ask God for His power, POWER to do the right thing comes from the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is our GUIDE, and we can SELECT the right reaction, words, etc. You can make one for each member of the family to have & personalize them with stickers (or small drawing & tape on) to remind of those areas they want to work on self-control with : money, food, frowny face, thought bubble, crazy face, eyeballs, a mouth, a tv, etc. Use creativity.

Be sure & get the Bible verse on there somewhere at least in part. Bring your family’s self-controller in to church this month. We want to see it! Did it help you remember to pause, stop, use the Holy Spirit’s power, did you select the right reaction because of it?? Share with us – we can encourage one another!



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