Club 252


on January 29, 2012

Looking forward to focusing on HONOR for the month of February. To see the new challenge for the purple bead/belt, click “belts” up above (or here). There are a couple Clubbers who will be receiving the honor of the orange belt this week!! Great job, girls! Let’s see who can join them by the end of the month. Fulfill five challenges to receive your orange belt. Keep working on those challenges.

Here is Reggie Joiner sharing what we will be talking about in CrossTrainers this month. David is the central character. Once again, good stuff!

Highlighted quotes: “The basis of honor is seeing people the way God sees them.” “Honor notices those that aren’t being noticed.” “Honor is putting others ahead of yourself.” “We should not only honor those that God made, but also those that He put in charge.” “Honor shows respect to those who are in charge.” “Honor is ultimately based on how you view & respect God.”


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