Club 252

Club News

on March 1, 2012

Don’t forget to check out the Event page for upcoming EXTRA fun!! Coming soon…

Wednesday, March 7th – We’re celebrating Purim!! Girls come dressed in a princess dress if you have one. Bring a few extras if you have as well for those who may no have one to use. (We’ll bring a few, too.) Boys, you can dress in a suit if you’d like, or dress silly, or anything in between. We’ll make hats & a few other fun items for you boys Wednesday night. Come ready for some Esther fun!!

– Remember, NO CLUB on March 21st.

Wednesday, March 28th – Count down to Easter!! We’ll be making as “advent calendar” type craft for Easter.

Wednesday, April 4th – Passover/Easter celebration!! Come ready for an extra special time of learning & worship as we talk about how Passover & the Last Supper fit together.

– Remember, NO CLUB on April 11th or 18th!! See you back on Wednesday, April 25th.


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