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Getting the 10 Commandments to stick

This month, we are teaching the children the ten commandments.  Having done this as a summer long VBS, the thought of cramming sooooo much into 4 weeks was a bit daunting.  BUT, I found a new (to me) finger method that I am excited to see how easily it sticks.  My older kids remember the musical we’ve done a few times over the years.  But Jack, our 4 year old, is a fresh slate.  I think even his group of littles will have the ten down in quick order.  Want to know how?  Here’s what we’re doing & it’s pretty clever if I do say so myself…

1 – “Worship God alone.” – Point upward with your pointer finger.  It’s also a #1.

2 – “Don’t bow down to idols.” – Use your first two fingers, then curl them downward like two people bowing.

3 – “Honor God’s Name.” – Make the three with your first three fingers, then touch them over your lips a bit like the “shhhh” symbol.  This reminds us to watch our words & our three fingers form a “w”.  It’s also a guard over our mouths.

4 – “Honor God’s holy day.” – Use four fingers with your thumb still curled under to rest your head on like a pillow as you lean a little like you’re trying to sleep.  Remember the Sabbath is a day of REST.

5 – “Honor your mom & dad.” – Make all five fingers go tightly together & put them to your forehead in a salute.  This is a form of honoring.  We show honor to our parents.

6 – “Don’t kill.” – Put your one hand with all five fingers palm outward.  Use your other hand to point like a gun at the palm.  (But be sure to keep your thumb down.  Only use six digits.)

7 – “Be true to your mate.” – Keep that palm of five out, but with the other hand make a criss-crossed peace sign, like two love birds entwined.  This symbolizes that it’s just the two of them.  The other hand is all the other people the two loves are NOT entwined around!

8 – “Don’t steal.” – Put three fingers up on one hand while using the other hand (the one that has been palm out the last two commandments) to grab at them as if you are trying to steal them.

9 – “Don’t lie.” – Use one whole hand & the other with just the thumb tucked under to cover your mouth.  Remember to watch what you say.

10 – “Never covet.” – Put all ten fingers into the shape of two circles & raise them up to your eyeballs like you are looking through binoculars.  This reminds us to not be looking around at what others have & want what they’ve got.

So now, you can say you’ve got ’em!  What’s the second one?  Make the hand sign & it should come to you pretty easily.  What about #6?  Can you remember what the fourth one is?  Which # is “Never covet”?  Or “Honor your mom & dad”?  Pretty cool, huh?

If you want to hear the song we’re using, click here.

To hear the whole song, you must click two different places.  The first title gives you the first 35 seconds of the song & the last title gives you the next 35 seconds.  Between the two, you’ll be able to hear all the words to the song.


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