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Self Control

Good stuff with Basics252 once again. Looking forward to focusing on Self Control in the month of January. Game on!

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What’s In the Bible?

Have you seen these yet? Phil Vischer started a new project to go completely through the Bible book by book & explain the big picture: God’s great plan of redemption. They are GREAT! It takes a few views to get used to all the characters, so don’t give up on the first viewing. They are created with elementary kids in mind, but littler ones will be interested in the puppets & adults will learn from them, I guarantee! Cuddle up next to your kids some time this Christmas Break & enjoy one of these DVDs with them; see what I mean. We’re watching #6 this morning & learning about the 2 kingdoms of Israel – fun Saturday morning watching/learning! My personal favorite is the Bentley Brothers, aka Rhett & Link. Jack wants his hair to be like Pastor Paul’s. You can even play a few games with the characters, too. Such cool stuff out these days!

Have you ever seen anyone explain the Cycle of Apostasy with puppets?? This stuff is great!!!

And he tackles some great questions in a wonderful way…

You’ll have to get DVD#2 to see the whole answer. : ]

The Club has the first six (there will be 13 total, but 6 are all he’s made so far). See me to borrow one of them (or return them). We’re passing them around the families so we can all enjoy! I also have 2 sets of the Seeds CDs we’ve been using to memorize our verses for your families to use, too. Take them home & learn with your kids. I am SO thankful people are out there using their talents & the technology available to help us teach our little ones, and I get to review/learn a fun way right along with them!

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All Wrapped Up

I absolutely LOVE this month’s theme – “Wrapped Up”. What are you all wrapped up in? Gifts? The to do list? What are your kids wrapped up in? What are we as parents doing to guide them in this area? Are we moving as a family toward a lifestyle of generosity or a lifestyle of greed? Something to reflect upon this season, huh?

This month, we are being challenged to step back & get wrapped up in the right things – Jesus & others (vs. ourselves & things). Here are a few excellent quotes from the video below: Generosity is a reflection of God’s character. God generously gave His only Son so we could have a relationship with Him. Generosity changes us when we learn how to give the way God gives. We’re not generous because we’re rich, we’re rich because we’re generous!

On Wednesday nights in Club, we are going to be talking about how to worship, have a quiet time; getting wrapped up in Jesus. Can’t wait!! It’s going to be another great month of learning, growing, & sharing. Join us, will you?


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Pit Stop Time

This morning, we talked briefly about the need to make “pit stops”, a.k.a. attitude adjustments, periodically to stay running smoothly. I referenced the Cars clip where Lightning McQueen thinks he doesn’t need to make pit stops & ends up blowing his tires. Here’s the clip to see what I was talking about; specifically it starts at 5:25 & goes to 9:20…

This month, let’s remember to see the many, many people God has surrounded us with to make our lives full & rich & thank them. Yes, even that pesky neighbor &/or irritating relative. GOD put them there. So instead of getting upset with them, let’s thank God for them.

God wants to make us more like Him through that person or situation in our lives, but to get where He wants us to be, we gotta make pit stops. We can’t just speed through life & expect good results. That’s one reason we’re commanded to rest & refocus once a week. He knows what we need. (Remember, He made us.) Have a thankful week.


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Wednesday we talked about the Pharisee & the Publican. Sunday we talk about the Parable of the Vineyard Workers. Both come together so well for a double-wham impact lesson on comparing. We all do it, but it sure causes a heap of trouble in life! “That’s not fair! Why did HE get more??”, “How come SHE can do it & I can’t??”, etc. etc. etc.

Parents deal with it in whining & arguments, but God’s children of all ages give Him grief over the exact same thing. “Gotta keep up with the Joneses”, “Man, I wish WE could go on that vacation.”, “If only my husband was like HER husband.”, “At least I’m not as bad as HE is.”

If you get a chance, go to and click “video”, then “I’ve Got a New Gratitude” to see a great version of the Vineyard Workers Parable. Your kids will enjoy it (& you will, too)! And, if you register, you can hear the great song there under the video section as well as a few other clips on Gratitude. The kid that sings is the Christian version of Justin Bieber! It’s worth registering to unlock the extras.

How much better our lives would be if we could learn to keep our eyes on Christ instead of others around us. Let’s purpose to live that out in front of our children. And intentionally teach them this month that comparing is a big fat waste of time, energy, & is a huge joy & gratitude killer.


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Gratitude Adjustment

This is gonna be a GREAT month. November is all about Gratitude. Reggie Joiner gives the intro for the virtue here. This month, we’re focusing on “gratitude adjustments” – I love it! He points out how important gratitude is & how the lack of it effects our lives in SO-O-O many ways. Take time today to watch that if you can. You’ll be glad you did.

An easy way to remember the response we should have to any situation that come up in our lives is: GREAT. We are to have a G.R.E.A.T. response no matter what. (Our vs. this month is but one of many verses that could be sited here: “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18) …

GGive Thanks. Act of your will, not an emotion. Oh, and that’s a command, not an option.
RRejoice. Spend time finding something to emotionally be joyful about it. God put it in your life, so it is good. (Think Joseph in Egypt here.)
EEngraft Scripture. Make a list of verses (ask God for them) that give you what you need for this situation. Study them. Memorize them. Meditate on them day & night. Make them part of you. Engraft = “to incorporate in a firm or permanent way; implant.”
AAppeal to God. We just talked about the parable of the persistent friend last night. Read it here.
TTriumph over evil with good. With the Holy Spirit & some God-given creativity, you can!

If you’re interested in more details about a “GREAT” response, read here. Responding this way every time is a lifetime assignment for me – doesn’t come naturally.

When I was in elementary school, we had a teacher who would attack bad attitudes with a saying when spotted. She’d loudly say, “Attitude adjustment!” And the one with a BA would have to respond with, “Praise the Lord!” She’d keep repeating until it was convincingly stated. We may just resurrect that one this month.

GRATITUDE!! It’ll change your life! May we teach our little ones to practice this early & often & may they see it lived out in us.

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Out of Reach

I love this rendition of tonight’s parable. It’s a four minute show that I’ll probably show the kids tonight, but if you get a chance, take a look at it…

Out of Reach by 36 Parables. (Click on the orange title to bring it up.)

I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend the power of prayer. And what a wonderfully loving Father we have!! Thank you, God, for providing for our every need & generously giving us so many of our wants as well. There is none like You!

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November Challenge

There are (as usual) three parts to this month’s challenge in order to earn your yellow belt/bead…

1) Memorize the definition of Gratitude: Letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.

2) Memorize the verse for the month = “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

3) Think of one person in the church & one person outside of the church that you are especially thankful for. (ex. – in church – your Sunday School teacher, Miss Margie the janitor, Mr. John who greets us every Sunday morning & gives us the bulletin, etc. Outside of church – your librarian, your mailman, your trash collector, the local fire department, etc.) Write a note to both & give it to them this month. For an extra special touch, make some cookies & send a plate of them along with the note, or some candy or a handful of flowers, etc. Use some of your CREATIVITY from last month & have fun! PS – You are allowed to do this with more than one person in & outside of the church. : ] And be sure to tell us all about it at Club the next week! That way we encourage each other.

And remember, the last three months challenges are always there to earn as well if you haven’t already. (If you forget what they are, go here.) Now go get thinking about who you’re grateful for… Hi-YAH!!

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Family Time Ideas

Some family together time ideas for reinforcing the parable of The Foolish Rich Man:
– Read the story of King Midas & the Golden Touch together.
– Look closely at a coin as a family. Talk about the motto “In God We Trust” imprinted on them.
– Visit a graveyard this week. Talk about what lasts for eternity & what we can take to heaven with us. We talked in Club about how to build up treasures in Heaven vs. saving up all kinds of treasures here on earth. See what they remember.
– Listen to “Treasure” from Seeds here. This is our S verse this year. You could also listen to the D verse, “Seek First” here.

Don’t forget, there will NOT be Club next week. Also, the first Wednesday in November, we will be having a pajama party as we talk about The Parable of The Three Friends who knocked on a neighbor’s door in the middle of the night. Bring a pillow, too! Oh, and their Bibles, bookmarks, and verse wallets.

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October Challenge

This month, these are the three parts to the challenge for earning an orange bead/”belt”:

1) Memorize the definition of Creativity: using your imagination to do something unique.

2) Memorize the verse for the month: “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ
Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10, NIV

3) Think of (you can use a concordance for this; that’s really part of why I gave this one; for kids to discover a new Bible tool for finding verses) or find 5 references to creativity in the Bible. The actual word “creativity” and “creative” are not there, but “create” & “created” sure are. List 5, write out the whole verse for each, then pick your favorite one & draw a picture of it. You could get really creative & dipict it some other way like in a diorama or something if you want. Think together as a family for this one. Have fun with it! Can’t wait to see what everyone brings in. : ]

PS – For those who have not earned their white beads yet, it’s never too late! Keep working on those books of the Bible. I sure would love to see every on of those bookmarks with a white bead dangling from them by the end of the year. You can do it!


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