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Passover and Passion week

I love this time of year! At Club these weeks, I am teaching the parallels between the Passover & the Passion Week. There are so many & some Christians haven’t heard them. To me, these parallels shouldn’t surprise me, but they still do! Every year I stand amazed at how great it all is. I mean, God planned all this & wanted to give us a clear picture of what He was doing. This was not coincidence. I give some of them here as I prepare for the lesson tomorrow…

Last week, we talked about the original Passover & how God told the Israelites how to be saved from the Angel of Death (see Exodus 12). We talked about how this is just like us when we trust in the Perfect Lamb’s blood to have God’s judgement “passover” us. When God sees Jesus’ Blood on the “doorposts of our hearts”, His condemnation passes over us. We are seen as righteous before Him only through Jesus’ blood & sacrifice.


I brought out Exodus 9:16 – “I have let you live for this reason – that you might see My power & that My fame might spread throughout the earth.” The nation of Israel was choosen so Jesus might be brought into this world through them. God brought them out of slavery & used them so they would praise Him & make Him known to the world. God does the same for us when He saves us from the bonds of sin! He did that for us so we would praise Him & make Him known throughout the whole world.

This week, I’m sharing about Passion Week. Did you know that…

– Lamb Selection Day, the day the Jews picked out their perfect lamb to sacrifice (see Exodus 12:6,7) is none other than Palm Sunday? The day Jesus rode into Jerusalem & the Jews “picked Him” to be their King!


– the Last Supper was Jesus celebrating the Passover with His disciples? When we have communion & take the little cup & bread, it is part of the Passover ceremony the Jews do every year.


– Pentecost is known as “The Feast of Weeks”? The nation of Israel was celebrating the giving of the Law on that day when God sent His Holy Spirit to us (see Acts 2:1-41). The Feast of Weeks is always fifty days after Passover, thus the name Pentecost (pente= five). They celebrate the Law God gave, the Ten Commandments. God chose to use that holiday to usher in His “updated version” – the Spirit – grace! Remember, Christ didn’t come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it. Pentecost B.C., God gave the Law; Pentecost A.D., God gave the Spirit!


Next week I’m going to teach on how the Jews celebrate Passover today & where Christ is in all that! It’s pretty clear. Yet many Jews today don’t see it. They just continue to remember the tradition without knowing the fulfillment – Christ. This season, pray for them. That Satan wouldn’t blind their eyes anymore. That this year, they could see Him – that missing link to all the celebrating!


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